Sensual Erotica

The Erotic Works of Ronda DeMure

submission and dominance

Ceri, an Iceni princess, and Roman officer Marek share the same beliefs and soon after they meet in Roman Britannia they discover they are also uniquely able to satisfy each others dark desires. The outside world sees Ceri as a fierce and proud warrior, but only Marek sees her secret desire for sexual submission and through his dominance he both awakens and fulfills her needs. 
When Nero becomes emperor of Rome he plans to make the Iceni lands an occupied territory and Queen Boudica calls for war to drive the Romans out, putting Ceri and Marek on opposite sides of the conflict. Their fierce sense of duty compels both of them to fight, but in the end their passions result in them both opposing Rome. 

Ceri, Celtic Warrior

Historical Erotica